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Class: LevenbergMarquardt

Source Location: /PHPExcel/Shared/JAMA/examples/LevenbergMarquardt.php

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Class Methods

method chiSquared [line 21]

void chiSquared( double[][] $x, double[] $a, $y, $s, object $f, double[] $y,, double[] $s,)

Calculate the current sum-squared-error

Chi-squared is the distribution of squared Gaussian errors, thus the name.


double[][]   $x  
double[]   $a  
double[]   $y,  
double[]   $s,  
object   $f  

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method solve [line 57]

the solve( x $x, y $a, a $y, vary $s, s2 $vary, lambda $f, termepsilon $lambda, maxiter $termepsilon, verbose $maxiter, $verbose)

Minimize E = sum {(y[k] - f(x[k],a)) / s[k]}^2 The individual errors are optionally scaled by s[k].

Note that LMfunc implements the value and gradient of f(x,a), NOT the value and gradient of E with respect to a!


return:  new lambda for future iterations. Can use this and maxiter to interleave the LM descent with some other task, setting maxiter to something small.


x   $x   array of domain points, each may be multidimensional
y   $a   corresponding array of values
a   $y   the parameters/state of the model
vary   $s   false to indicate the corresponding a[k] is to be held fixed
s2   $vary   sigma^2 for point i
lambda   $f   blend between steepest descent (lambda high) and jump to bottom of quadratic (lambda zero). Start with 0.001.
termepsilon   $lambda   termination accuracy (0.01)
maxiter   $termepsilon   stop and return after this many iterations if not done
verbose   $maxiter   set to zero (no prints), 1, 2

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